How to Choose the Right Cleavage for Your Prom Dress

October 31, 2013 0 Comments

When you get ready for your prom you need to pay attention to your makeup and hair, but you also have to take into consideration another important body part: your breasts. This article will show you how to choose the right cleavage depending on your breast size, how to cover up cleavage in a dress or how to emphasize this feminine part of your body. According to a New Zeeland study, 47% of men first notice a woman by looking at her breasts. A third of the questioned men look at the waist and only 20% look at the face. This doesn't mean that if you have small breasts you need a radical change, there are many fashion tricks that you can use to highlight the most attention grabbing part of your body. How to cover up cleavage in a dress if you're breast size is small? A boat neckline could be classified as a conservative style because it leaves only the collarbone exposed, covering the breasts entirely. But it's still recommended for young women with small breasts and delicate necks because it gives an aristocratic flair to the wearer. When you wear a boat neckline try to avoid accessorizing it with a necklace. If you want to choose a sexier outfit, try a dress with a V shaped cleavage, but choose a colorful, printed or ruffled fabric for your dress. Your breasts will appear larger due to this optical trick. How to cover up cleavage in a dress if you're beast size is medium? You can consider yourself lucky if you're in this category, because you can wear almost any type of cleavage. The important thing is to tell the difference between the type of event, prom, you're attending. If you're prom is an elegant type of event, try an oval cleavage or a straight one. If it's a more casual prom, you don't need to worry about covering up your cleavage; you can wear a V shaped cleavage. How to cover up cleavage in a dress if your breast size is large? If you're a C cup (or even higher) forget about deep cleavages. These styles are suited for women who fall in the first two categories. You need to be careful not to seem vulgar or to reveal more than you should. Try a heart shaped cleavage. If you want to be even more seductive try a dress with straps and a V shaped cleavage.

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