The Corset - When and How to Wear It?

Dressy corsets fit all tastes and silhouettes! They’ve been one of the most controversial pieces of clothing of all time, but they managed to appear in many designer collections throughout the years. And, you have to admit that they will look gorgeous in your wardrobe! Inspired by lingerie, dressy corsets are very sexy and they work perfectly as a base for many stylish and elegant outfits. 1 In the beginning, dressy corsets were known for their rigidity, now they’ve become an accent of sensuality. People say that a Spanish queen has earned the respect of her people by swearing that she would loosen up her corset. Surely you remember Madonna’s incendiary shows in the `90 or the hot scenes from Moulin Rouge in which Nicole Kidman radiated of femininity. Whether you choose a long corset, or one that starts right below the chest, you will surely make an impression with this versatile garment. When and how to wear dressy corsets? The idea of underwear left “accidentally” in sight is very exploited by designers and dressy corsets fall right into this category. 2 Firstly you need to take into consideration if your silhouette allows you to wear a corset. Dressy corsets usually fit a medium to small breast size, otherwise they will look vulgar. Also, they don’t work for wide hips, unless you cover them up. You have to be careful how you pair your dressy corsets. These kind of sexy pieces need to be toned down with maxi pants or skirts, or at least knee-length. When you need to look casual cover them with a jacket or cardigan. 3 Dare to wear dressy corsets in any context. You can even wear them at the office: shirt, tie, pencil skirt or pants, “seasoned” with a corset that starts below the chest. There’s nothing sexier than a dress whose androgynous accents are “kept in place” by a corset. 4 For a casual outfit designers invented the top-corset. You can wear it with pants, preferably flared or with a straight cut and a pair of adorable platforms. If you feel adventurous pair your dressy corsets with a midi skirt, with a wide waistband enriched with many layers of tulle. For an evening look you have to go sexy! Dressy corsets are seductive by definition. Keep a little mystery and wear them with long, flared, high waist pants. Choose a corset with lace applications or embroidery for a hot effect! 5 If you go strapless, play with a scarf and drape it over your shoulders. You can never go wrong!

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